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9931 Foley Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN  55433
Kindergarten - Grade 5 Curriculum


Cross of Christ Lutheran School & Preschool provides a quality Christian education where students grow and develop the skills needed to be faith-filled, life-long learners. We believe God’s Word is the foundation to a complete education.

All of our students are taught by pastors and teachers who are trained and qualified to give them a Christ-centered education. The entire staff works together to build firm Christian character and citizenship in each of our students. Our purpose for teaching is to help each child grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cross of Christ provides a strong Christian education in all fundamental subjects preparing students for success beyond the classroom. We strive for excellence in both intellectual and physical skills, and teach how to use those skills in honor and service to the Lord.

We offer a low teacher to student ratio (averaging 15:1) with integrated technology for interactive learning and opportunities for students of all abilities, interests, and backgrounds to become advanced learners.


    English/Language Arts
  • English/Language Arts
    Our English/Language Arts curriculum builds strong foundational skills in reading and in writing in order to prepare students to read literature with critical understanding, to recognize truth and beauty in written text, and to participate in analytical discussions verbally and in writing.

    Reading Instruction
    In our early grades students learn to read through a comprehensive core literacy curriculum with a deliberate text approach built on systematic phonics by balancing all five essential elements of reading. This program integrates reading, writing, spelling, and grammar which promote rapid progress in reading fluency. Students learn how to critically analyze what they read, searching for cause and effect in stories, connecting and comparing texts, and determining the author’s perspective.

    Grammar and Usage, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Handwriting/Cursive writing are taught to progress the student from understanding simple sentence structure in early grades to more complex sentences in the later grades.

    By starting with a rough draft, working through a revision, and the production of a final document, all phases of writing are learned by students. The study of Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, and literary works contribute to the students’ mastery of the writing process.

  • Mathematics
    The goal of our elementary Mathematics curriculum is to build strong skills in mathematical thinking and foundational math concepts.

    Our curriculum is based on a traditional approach that provides our students with a strong foundation for understanding more complex concepts in later years.

    Our teachers are trained in the most up-to-date methods of teaching math and they incorporate these methods into the presentation of concepts.

    Students receive the best of both worlds: a traditional math program that includes proven new ways to deepen understanding of abstract and complex topics.

    Students in K-5th do not use calculators, instead relying on building mental math skills. Through daily practice, students build strong number sense and master skills.
    Music and Art
  • Music and Art
    Music and Art is studied throughout the Lower School.
    Students in grades Pre-K through 5 are introduced to basic music theory, learn to read the G clef, play simple instruments, and have choral experiences as they perform throughout the year.

    Each year, genres from jazz to classical are introduced and studied and students learn to identify and appreciate the works of great composers.

    Band instrument instruction is available to fifth grade students and continues through 8th grade. 


    Art classes for all students in the Lower School take place weekly.

    Students are instructed in drawing, painting, sculpting, and other methods and media as they are encouraged to create their own works of beauty and individuality.

    The works of great artists, known and unknown, from many parts of the world, both ancient and modern are introduced and studied.
    Physical Ed.
  • Physical Ed
    The goal or our dedicated physical education teachers is to provide training in the development of large motor skills and the promotion of healthy living habits.

    Lower School students participate in physical education classes in one of our spacious gyms once weekly.

    Eye-hand coordination, basic strength, balance, and agility are developed through carefully planned lessons, including basic movements, rhythm and folk dance, tumbling, running, skipping, jumping rope, ball throwing and catching skills.

    Skills and rules related to sports, such as soccer, football, and baseball are taught and practiced throughout the elementary years.

    Contests, games, and team play are part of the learning strategies. The elements of improvement of personal skill level, support for teammates, respect for opponents and the quality of sportsmanship are stressed.
  • Religion
    The study and practice of our religious faith is at the heart of all that we do. Prayer and the teachings of the Church are woven throughout each day.

    Lower School students are taught the history of salvation through Bible stories, the importance of the sacraments, and the inspirational stories of saints and holy men and women of the Bible.

    Students memorize the Ten Commandments and learn how the commandments apply to their lives as young people.

    Our students learn about the Trinity, the Sacraments, and various scripture verses and hymns, the structure of the Church, the story of salvation history from Creation and the Fall through the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, death, and Resurrection, and the early Christian church. This happens in a two year cycle.
    Daily Prayer and Weekly Chapel

    Prayer is an essential part of every day.

    Students attend Chapel weekly. They observe the liturgical seasons and participate in student-led prayer services during Advent, Lent, and other special occasions.

    Aid local and worldly missions with weekly offerings.

  • Science
    Students in the Lower School at Cross of Christ learn to appreciate the beauty and order of the universe through their studies in Science beginning in Pre-K and continuing through grade 5.

    Students are presented with scientific facts and theories and are given tools and opportunities to test them.

    Through the course of their Lower School years, students will study biology in such units as the systems of the human body, basic cell structure, animal classifications, plant reproduction, and more.

    Physical science is studied through units such as simple machines and matter.

    Weather, climate and rocks are studied and connected to the study of Earth Science. 

    iPads are used for research and learning activities.
    Social Studies
  • Social Studies
    The study of social studies connects Lower School students to their place in the world, as citizens of the United States and as children of God.  Students are rooted in an appreciation and love for their own culture and history in western civilization, while also learning about the cultures and contributions of other civilizations. 

    The study of landforms, oceans and seas, climates, latitude, longitude, and other topics in Geography, including map skills, begins in Kindergarten and continues through the 5th grade.