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9931 Foley Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN  55433
Grades 6-8 Curriculum


Cross of Christ Lutheran School & Preschool provides a quality Christian education where students grow and develop the skills needed to be faith-filled, life-long learners. We believe God’s Word is the foundation to a complete education.

All of our students are taught by pastors and teachers who are trained and qualified to give them a Christ-centered education. The entire staff works together to build firm Christian character and citizenship in each of our students. Our purpose for teaching is to help each child grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cross of Christ provides a strong Christian education in all fundamental subjects preparing students for success beyond the classroom. We strive for excellence in both intellectual and physical skills, and teach how to use those skills in honor and service to the Lord.

We offer a low teacher to student ratio (averaging 15:1) with integrated technology for interactive learning and opportunities for students of all abilities, interests, and backgrounds to become advanced learners.

  • English
    In English class our teachers use great works of Western literature to create discussion that will lead them to mentally exercise with perennial ideas, and engage in collaborative learning.  Students learn the skills of proper grammar, written, and oral expression necessary for them to thrive in this collaboration.

    English 6
    English 7
    English 8

    Fine Arts
  • Fine Arts

    All students participate in a weekly art class that teaches principles and utilizes different mediums and techniques. Students apply these various principles of art to a variety of projects throughout their middle school years.

    A weekly music class is required for all students. In this class students learn music history, theory, and also music appreciation.

  • History
    Throughout 6th – 8 grade students will study the major economic, political, social and cultural movements that have shaped Western Civilization. Building from the student’s 5th grade course of Minnesota History, they will continue to acquire   necessary skills and become more knowledgeable about the civilization of which they live in today. These skills include critical reasoning, concise and cogent writing, analysis of cause and effect as well as increasing an appreciation for Christian values.

    History 6th grade – World History
    History 7-8 grade – U.S. History

  • Mathematics
    Students in mathematics will use a combination of drill and practice methods and innovative activities that emphasize conceptual understanding, problem solving, and analytical thinking skills. Mathematical communication, both oral and written is emphasized in all of our courses.

    Course Listing
    Math 6
    Algebra I
    Physical Education
  • Physical Education
    Physical education is a requirement for all Cross of Christ students. Our 6-8th grade Physical Education program promotes lifetime activity through the development of skills in a variety of physical activities. Students learn foundational values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty, and integrity that they can carry with them for a lifetime of enjoyment in
    Many after school sports are offered as extra curriculars.

  • Religion
    The mission of Cross of Christ Evangelical Lutheran School is to aid parents and guardians in fulfilling their God-given responsibility and directive to raise their children in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). To this end, we will teach all subjects in the light of God’s Word, to train the next generation of Lutheran leaders, and to equip them for a life of service to their Savior, homes, churches, vocations, and communities. Students are instructed in God's Word on a daily basis through regular classroom devotions, a weekly school-wide chapel service, and daily lessons in Bible History.

    Religion class for grade 6 students will focus on Bible history and Christian doctrine.

    In 7th & 8th grade Religion class, students have the opportunity to study God's Word in greater depth so that they can have a rich understanding of the Bible and its main teachings. Our courses are meant to strengthen (or confirm) their faith and give them a stepping stone for further growth and lifelong learning in the Scriptures.

    Religion 6- Old Testament/ New Testament History
    Religion 7 – Topical Bible Studies and Confirmation class
    Religion 8 - Topical Bible Studies and Confirmation class

  • Science
    In grades 6-8 students receive a mixture of instruction in life, general, and physical sciences. They will use and analyze the scientific process, applying math, writing, laboratory, and presentation skills, as well as participate in discussions of current moral issues.  These activities encourage students to concisely see the wonders and marvels of God in the world around them.

    Science 6 – General Science
    Science 7 – Life Science
    Science 8 – Physical Science

  • Spanish
    Spanish is taught in grades 6-8. Our students receive weekly instruction that promotes listening, understanding, reading, writing, and speaking the Spanish language.  Students also begin to learn the cultural and historical aspects of this language throughout the course.