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9931 Foley Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN  55433
Cougar Care

To utilize after school care, you must sign up on a weekly basis and prepay by close of day each Sunday in order to receive the lower rate.

Please use this link to sign up online:  http://goo.gl/hf80v6

Feel free to contact Ms. Nicole Roper directly if you have any questions or concerns. 

What is Extended Preschool & Cougar Care?
Extended Preschool is an after-school care program that is being offered to the families of our preschool students. 
Cougar Care is an after-school care program that is being offered to the families of our students in grades K- 8.

General Rules
  • Any student staying after school, unless detained by a teacher for classroom work or for extra-curricular activities, must be in Cougar Care. (Asking a teacher to watch your child in the teacher’s room because you are running late is not permissible.)
  • Student conduct is expected to be the same as during the school day. Misconduct and non-adherence to guidelines issued here or by the supervisor may result in the student not being allowed to participate in Cougar Care. Discipline in general will be at the discretion of the supervisor and will follow the ‘Discipline’ section of the school handbook.
  • A healthy snack will be provided within the first hour after school lets out. Any allergy or other health concerns should be addressed on the registration forms.
Grades K-8 Location: room 121, gym, and the playground.
Preschool Location: room  115, gym, and preschool playground.
Hours of Operation
K-8 After school: 2:15 - 5:00pm
Preschool After School: 2:40 - 5:00pm
After school care is only available on regularly scheduled school days and will not be available on cancelled or shortened days due to inclement weather or other unforeseen events.
If there is inclement weather during the day, but school does not close early, the after school care program will close at the discretion of the supervisor and/or director. Each parent will be called and asked to pick up their student(s) as soon as possible in this situation.
Preschool only – Due to state laws, all pre-school aged children must be picked up by a certain time depending on his or her schedule. Please check if you have any questions.
Sample of the Weekly After School Care Schedule
M,T,TH, & F
2:15-2:40- Gym or Outside (transfer room to Cougar Care)
2:40-3:15- Choose 1 of 3: Craft, Puzzle or Homework
3:30-4:00- Choose 1 of 2: Games or Manipulative
4:00-4:30- Large Motor (outside, gym, or tents and tunnels)
4:30-5:00- Free Play
2:15-2:40- Gym or outside
2:40-3:15- Craft, Homework or Puzzle
3:15-3:30- Snack
3:30-5:00- Movie Day  (Only G Rated movies will be played)
Children can choose homework, puzzle, or manipulative if they do not want to watch the movie

K-8 Monthly Payment Plan Rate: $4.50/hr
Preschool Monthly Payment Plan Rate: $4.00/hr
Schedule & Pay Week by Week Rate: $5.75/hr
Drop-in Rate: $7.00/hr
Late Pick Up: $1.00/min
  • Monthly payment plans are based on the child’s schedule and set up for payments to be made automatically through FACTS.
  • The prepay rates will only be applied if your child(ren) is scheduled and prepaid by Sunday at midnight before the start of the week.
  • The drop in rate will be charged when a child is added during the week without a prior schedule submitted.
  • If a student’s ride is not present by 2:15pm (2:40 for pre-k) and the student was not scheduled to be in after school care, the student will be placed in after school care and charged the regular rate of $7/hr.
  • Any student not picked up by 5:00pm will be charged $1 dollars for every 1 minute after 5:00pm.
  • Parents will receive monthly statements/usage reports.
If you find your student will need to stay after school you need to contact the main office 763-786-0637. Due to licensing and staffing requirements, you must verify that there is availability for your child each day. Due not assume your child will be placed in after school care if you leave a message. You need to receive confirmation from the main office. This is particularly important if your child is regularly a bus rider.
Signing Out
Each family is responsible for signing out their child(ren) from after school care. This is done at the school on the iPad located in between the two preschool/Cougar Care rooms. This program is linked to your ParentsWeb and if your child is not signed out when you pick them up you will/may be charged until 5:00pm for that day.
Parents who are on the Monthly Payment Plan should submit their child(s) schedule for the first week as a regular schedule.
Only fill in the weekly schedule if there are changes that are made ahead of time.
Parents must schedule and prepay by Sunday at midnight before the start of the week to receive the week by week rate. 

You may register online at http://goo.gl/hf80v6 or forms are available in the main school office.
The after-school teachers are qualified individuals who meet   the teacher standards as listed by the Department of Human Services. These individuals are first aid and CPR trained, have knowledge of where emergency equipment is, and have passed a background check through the department of human services.
Please contact the program director:
Nicole Roper by email or phone.
nicciroper@crossofchrist.us / 763-786-0637