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9931 Foley Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN  55433
What Our Elementary School Offers
Growing in Knowledge & Love in Christ
The focus of our Christian school is to walk with the Savior. A study of God's Word provides the beginning to each day. Young children learn about God's love through Bible stories. The number of stories and their applications increase throughout the grades as the children grow. Bible truths are explored in our Christ-Light curriculum and through Luther's Small Catechism. At their individual grade levels, children are guided in applying these Bible truths to their daily lives. Hymns and Bible verses are committed to memory giving the children an abundance of words of comfort and guidance for their lives. There are other opportunities throughout the day to pray, sing, and learn of God's grace.


Our Objectives and Goals for Each Child

  • To help each child grow in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To teach all of God’s Word in obedience to Christ’s command.
  • To provide sound Christian training in all secular subjects, such as reading, mathematics, science, social studies, etc.
  • To build Christian character and citizenship.
  • To strengthen the congregation and home.
  • To teach children to evaluate all education from a Christian perspective.
Multiple-Grade Classroom
Grades 3 through 8 are grouped into multiple grade units. 3rd and 4th are in one classroom, 5th and 6th share a classroom, and 7th and 8th also share a classroom. There are several advantages to multi-grade classrooms.

a) Children are instructed by a teacher for more than one year which enables a teacher to become well-acquainted with the child's educational needs.  

b) Children have the opportunity to review or receive remediation at a lower level if there is a concern/problem in a specific learning area.

c) Children who are ready for advanced opportunities have the chance for enrichment working with the next grade level.

d) Children share a spirit of cooperation between the various levels within the room. Grade lines need not be strictly observed. Each child works with the group suited to his or her learning needs.

Highlights of our School

  • Low teacher to student ratio (averaging 17:1)
  • 19% higher than national averages in standardized tests
  • Integrated technology for interactive learning (tablets and webcams)
  • Spanish class taught to all elmentary students
  • Student performance and showcase events in Art, Music, Science, and more
  • Dedication to the safety of our students and staff
  • Discounts for families with multiple children enrolled in Preschool through 8th Grade