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What is forensics?
The art and study of argumentation and formal debate.  While we will not be debating, one of the main skills needed in debate is to be an effective public speaker. Forensics is a chance for children to step out of their comfort zone and speak publicly in a comfortable, friendly, yet challenging setting. 
The first festival each year is the Twin Cities Area Lutheran Principals’ Conference (TCALPC)  Public Speaking Festival. This is an individual competition where each student is judged and awarded on their own abilities and not compared to others. Children present multiple times, each time in front of a different group of judges. Each category is critiqued on the following criteria: 
Introductions and Transitions
Vocal Interpretation
Physical Presence
Understanding the Material and Category
(In a speech, vocal interpretation is replaced with Content of the Speech.)
West LHS
The second festival is the West Lutheran High School Forensics Festival. Each school brings ten forensic team members, two in each of the five categories. The rules and critique sheets are the same as the Principal's Conference Public Speaking Festival. Each student will present their piece once to the judges. The traveling trophy will be awarded to the team that accumulates the most points. 

The student makes a selection that is to be presented at a Kindergarten through fourth grade level. The speaker actually tells a story in his/her own words. No printed copy should be used, but it is not to be a memorized or rhyming piece.
Humorous Reading
This can be memorized or not. The child will choose something humorous from literature or write something of their own. Material chosen may be at any grade level. It may include prose, poetry, or a humorous monologue.
Serious Prose
Prose is a selection without any rhyme. It may be an entire piece or selected parts of the piece. It should be at or above the grade level of the presenter. 
Serious Poetry
The selection may be an entire piece, selected parts, or several poems on a related topic. It also can be a poem written by the student. The selection should be at or above the grade level of the presenter.
The speech may be either persuasive or informative. It is to be written by the student who presents it.
Persuasive speeches should persuade the audience toward the speaker's way of thinking on a particular topic. 
Informative speeches present information to the audience using voice only. It is
not a demonstration. It is important for the speaker to let his/her Christian attitude be known in his/her speech.
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