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9931 Foley Blvd NW
Coon Rapids, MN  55433
Our Christian Parent Teacher Organization, is similar to a Parent Teacher's Organization (PTO). We are an organization that provides support and assistance for the maintenance and the well-being of Cross of Christ Lutheran School. 
Who is CPTO?
It's YOU!!!  All parents of children enrolled in Cross of Christ are automatically members. We have approximately 50 families in our school so at a minimum there are 50 great ideas and volunteers to help this organization reach its goals, which ultimately benefit our students, your children!

What do we accomplish?
We sponsor events that offer both fun and educational enrichment for our families. We organize and fund Grandparent's Day, Movie Nights, Parent/Student Subway Lunch, Book Fair, Popcorn Days, Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day, special speakers, and more.

Meetings & Fundraising
Our meetings are open to all parents. We review upcoming events sponsored by the CPTO, fundraising ideas and goals, parent's needs, suggestions or concerns among many topics. Meetings begin with snack and fellowship at 6:15pm, the meeting starts at 6:30. (approx. 1 hour) Babysitting will be provided.

Throughout the year we host fundraisers that fund special projects specifically for the school that are not included in the school's annual budget. We have been able to purchase and support projects like:
 - playground equipment
 - over $10,000 for computers
 - classroom blinds and projector screens

 - gym bleachers
 - iPads and other technology

Click here for more ways you can support our school.

2016-2017 Officers
President - Sharyn Mantel
- 2 children in the school: Autumn - 6th, Dylan - 5th
Secretary - Naomi Boerner
 - 3 children in the school: Faith- 8th, Bethany - 6th, Isaiah - 4th

Treasurer - Rachel Shelburne 

 - 2 childen in the school: Leilani - 5th, Keoni - 3rd
Fundraising Chair - Nicole Klein
 - 3 children in the school: Madison - 6th, Ava - 2nd, Jocelyn - Kindergarten
Box Top Coordinator - Teresa Bechtold
- 2 children in the school: Alex - 5th, Zachary - Kindergarten
Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.